Winston Blue

Winston Blue is another offshoot of Winston cigarettes. It is a lighter version of Winston Red (Classic). Winston Blue contains 0,6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar. These cigarettes can be a good option for social smokers or those heavy smokers who decided to kick the habit.

Winston Blue

Before Winston Blue used to be called Winston Lights cigarettes. However in order to comply with new regulations prescribed by FDA in 2010, brand descriptors for Winston Lights and Ultra Lights were changed to color-coded descriptors.

Winston Blue cigarettes have smooth tobacco taste, stylish package design and affordable price. Reasonable price-quality ratio makes Winston Blue one of the top selling brands in the world.

Considering the extremely high excise tax on cigarettes in United States, a great number of smokers prefer to buy Winston online. There are a lot of online cigarette stores that offer cheap prices and worldwide delivery. Before choosing the shop, it is strongly recommended to look for the positive feedbacks and reviews regarding that online cigarette store where you are planning to make an order.

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